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The Best Me Pathways – Growth & Development Programs

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A comprehensive employee wellness program doesn’t just cover personal health. It should also help you develop in your career. Wellness University is creating new ways to improve your personal well-being, while also piloting a program called the Best Me Pathways.

Under Wellness University, The Best Me Pathway expands beyond the physical health and dives into mental health, growth, and development to help you thrive in your career. The Best Me Pathways program offers a variety of courses, activities, and resources specific to your needs to help enhance your business knowledge, strengthen your skillsets, and aid in career aspirations.

Personal Wellness Programs

The Best Me in my body, mind and spirit”

Professional Growth & Development

“The Best Me for my future”

KP Career Growth Guides: Use these guides to enhance your career development at Kaiser Permanente

Additional Growth & Development Programs: 

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