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Wellness Toolkit

Stressed out by COVID-19? We want to help support you through these challenging times, so we created this special Employee Well-Being Toolkit page. Check back regularly for the latest wellness offerings, tips for reducing stress, KP resources, and creative ways to stay well at work and home. Have an idea or feedback for us? Send us an email at Stay well!



2021 Health Eating Recipe Book

For your next meal try these Real Food recipes, all created by KP South Sacramento employees & physicians. Download, read, or share the recipe book.

KP Resources

  • KP Mindfulness Resources to help you to maintain your well-being during these uncertain, stressful times.
  • Wellness Resources – Self Care Tools, Tips & Activities to promote better sleep, keep you moving and stay healthy.
  • Employee and Physician Assistance Program (EAP) Services – Individual sessions can be done virtually with a video or telephone visit.
  • Working remotely tips, resources and policies from KP myhr
  • Rise & Renew resources and tips to support your emotional well-being while our way to recovery

Meditation & Stress Reduction

Well-Being Tips

Skin Health

Learn more
about wearing a mask and skin health from the Cosmetic Services Department.

Wellness At Work

KP Thrive Walking Paths

Walking may be one of the most beneficial activities you can do for yourself. Even taking a short stroll can boost your immune system, increase energy level, burn calories and to improve your mood.
Learn about the benefits of walking.
On your next break, take a stroll on one of our THRIVE walking paths located at each facility.

Stretch & Strengthening In Your Workspace

Stretching is a great activity and takes very little time. Stretching on a regular basis may reduce muscle tension, increase range of movement in the joints, increase circulation of the blood throughout the body and decrease your risk of injuries.
Try these stretch and strengthening exercises in your office, before work or at home.
Whether working from home or in the office try these Quick yoga stretches as demonstrated by Dr. Rajiv Misquitta, Medical Director of Lifestyle Medicine.

Exercise Anywhere, Anytime

Healthy Cooking & Recipes

Cooking is not only healthy, for some it’s a great way to relax and may help you save you money. Check out this websites to find recipes, cooking & food safety tips and videos.

Partner with a Wellness Coach

Kaiser Permanente offers free coaching to help you quit smoking, with weight management, healthy eating, stress reduction, increasing physical activity and healthy sleep.

  • Make the call for health with Wellness Coaching. Book an appointment online or call (866) 862-4295 to get started.
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