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Credits are awarded for each healthy activity or wellness program you participate in.

A comprehensive employee wellness program doesn’t just cover personal health. It should also help you develop in your career. Wellness University is creating new ways to improve your personal well-being, while also piloting a program called the Best Me Pathways.

How It Works


You earn credits for taking action to reach your wellness goals.


As in a University program, there are different levels to progress through. We call these wellness levels.


You graduate to the next wellness level when you achieve 45 credits… with a graduation gift from Kaiser Permanente.

Upcoming Events

Explore our upcoming wellness offerings, open to all South Sacramento service area staff and physicians.  Examples of Wellness University events are virtual nutrition challenges, mindfulness sessions, physical activity team building events, and so much more.

The goal with our events is to support your overall emotional and physical well-being.

Wellness University -
Getting Results

The program encourages you to:

  • Choose your activities to reach those goals.
  • Track your activities easily by entering a code on your smart phone or on the website
  • Set your goals.

Studies have shown that tracking your progress is one of the best motivating factors in a wellness program. Wellness University easily helps you earn credits towards great rewards by entering a unique code into your smart phone or online.

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