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Thank you for entering your Wellness University activity codes. Here are the reward options for each level you have advanced. When earning a reward, you will receive an email from Wellness University.

If you don’t receive a reward notification email or have any questions about rewards, please contact us.

Wellness University Levels

Live Well, Be Well Sweatshirt
Level 1 – 45 Credits
Wellness University Water Bottle
Level 2 – 90 Credits
Lunch Cooler
Level 3 – 135 Credits

Wellness University Graduation Levels

Wellness University Men’s Jacket
Bachelors – 180 credits, PhD – 540 credits
Wellness University Women’s Jacket
Bachelors – 180 credits, PhD – 540 credits
Live Well, Be Well Backpack
Masters – 360 credits
FitBit Charger
Fellowship - 720 credits

Wellness University Graduation Levels Advance

You may earn advanced level prizes, between a Bachelors and the Fellowship degrees.  For every 45 credits, you can pick from the following (rewards are subject to change based on inventory).

Pilot Ballpoint Pen
Advance - 45 credits
Yoga Mat
Advance - 45 credits
Gym Bag in Pink or Green
Advance - 45 credits
Bamboo Cutting Board
Advance - 45 credits
Hot/Cold Thermos Cup
Advance - 45 credits
Portable Folding Chair
Advance - 45 credits
Adjustable Orange LWBW Baseball Cap
Advance - 45 credits
WU Green Dri Fit Shirt (Women’s & Men’s sizes)
Advance - 45 credits
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