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South Sacramento/Elk Grove Mini Grants

Wellness University’s Mini Grants program is a great way to meet the unique wellness needs of a department, by providing the flexibility to choose a wellness activity or program. With mini grants, we will provide the funding and empower the department to implement their wellness goal.

For 2024, we will provide an opportunity for 10 KFH and 10 TPMG departments to participate in this pilot program, with the goal the wellness activity increase culture of health and engagement scores, foster team building, increase employees’ morale, support workplace safety and promotes personal well-being. If you have a wellness lead that can take charge of the implementation and management of the department’s wellness activity, and are ready to apply, please complete this online form by March 20. Selected departments will receive a confirmation email by April 15, and all wellness activities need to be completed by August 31.

Here are the expectations of a department wellness lead:

  • Is responsible for organizing and implementing the wellness activity requested
  • Obtains manager’s approval of the wellness activity
  • Commits to a 15-minute team or in person planning meeting with Wellness University>
  • Arranges the space, such as book conference rooms or identify location, (if applicable) upon acceptance of grant
  • Promotes the wellness activity details to the department via emails, huddles and/or flyers
  • Will be the point person for vendor upon arrival (if applicable)
  • Provides staff that participate a sign in sheet at the wellness activity and email Wellness University the sign in sheet at the conclusion of the activity
  • Will email photos of the implemented wellness activity to Wellness University
  • Ensure each participant completes a post-activity survey

Each department will have 4 wellness offerings (detailed table below) to choose from and the wellness activity that is implemented must fall under at least one of the following areas of wellness:

  • Prevention
  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy workplace
  • Emotional Health & Wellness
  • Community (team connection)

Wellness Mini Grants Menu:

Wellness Activity


Funding Amount

Create your own Adventure

You decide what works best for your department. Examples of wellness activities are: Host a Hike with healthy snacks or picnic; Team bike ride with healthy snacks/lunch; Painting class; Team walk at local park; healthy salad bar lunch.

up to $400 

Fitness Corner

Designate space in your department where we can store exercise equipment (dumbells, kettlebells, bands, yoga mats, etc) so you can fit a workout in anytime. 

up to $400

Onsite Exercise Class

Bring a Wellnes University  exercise class to your department. Host Zumba, Boot Camp, Yoga or HIIT when and where it works best for your team. 

up to $400

Mindfulness Break 

Host an in-person mindulness activity like a Healing Circle, Meditation Class, Mandala Stones/Art workshop or Breathwork Class. A healthy meal or snack may be provided with the activity. 

up to $400

Please note:

  • For larger departments, a mini grant may apply to particular shift or unit.
  • Wellness University is unable to approve or fund certain items including: food or alcohol for meetings or events; gift cards; gifts; holiday parties; professional development classes; class tuition; or any activity which may cause a safety concern.
  • All grants must reinforce health & wellness including any incentives (i.e. fitness band for continued fitness work after event).
  • Some grant requests may need safety or facility approval.
  • Some grant selections require departments to purchase items on a credit card & submit for reimbursement.
  • No Healthcare Appreciation Week events or large facility events.
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