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Emergency Department

Emergency Department Providers-2020 August Wellness University Success Story

  The providers of the South Sacramento Emergency Department proved it’s possible to stay active and connected with each other by participating in the Shelter in Pace virtual run/walk races. This virtual “3-ply challenge” started on May 15 and concludes at the end of this month. The goal was to complete a 3, 6 and 10 mile race while raising money towards Donate 4 Sacramento, an organization that supports local families in need, small business and the homeless. Cathy Norbutas, MD, a South Sacramento emergency department physician, recruited 35 ED providers and formed the Kaiser ED Masked Avengers team. They are wrapping up their last virtual race and the team is currently ranked third place in raising funds. It became a family affair for some providers, with at least 6 loved ones joining the challenge. When Dr. Norbutas, an active runner, noticed that all the local racing events were getting cancelled, she started feeling down. She explored programs through local race promoters and found a few virtual event options. She decided Shelter in Pace would be a great fit for her and her colleagues. Dr. Norbutas said the reasons to organize this department challenge was to “come together at least virtually outside of our work environment and to focus on some healthy habits and goals”. The ED providers stayed connected with group text, sharing photos and encouraging each other along the way. “We all are at different levels and have different goals, but can come together to support each other this way,” said Dr. Norbutas. Some of the providers were new to run/walk events, and this became a great way to jump start a new healthy habit. Together most of the providers ended up completing many of the races.At the end of July, so far 31 providers completed the 3-mile race, 21 of them walk/ran the 6-miler, and everyone has until August 31 to do the 10-mile race. Dr. Chris Beck is currently ranked in the top ten individually in all races and Dr. Linda Assaf has lost a significant amount of weight since starting the challenge. The most important part is collectively everyone feels great during these uncertain times. Dr. Norbutas is not sure what will be next after this challenge is completed but hopes that her department had started a new trend of being healthy together. She would like to thank Wellness University for the support and providing giveaways to encourage her colleagues to join the challenge. We appreciate people like Dr. Norbutas for being a champion of her own and her department’s well-being. If your department is interested in setting up a wellness activity, Wellness University is here to support you. E-mail Us to learn more.
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